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  •  Sarah Williams White: Nebula – track of the day
    The percussive intro of track of the day ‘Nebula’ demands attention. What follows is a beautiful sequence of electronic shimmers and swirls – a musical version of the titular phenomenon.
  • The Mysterines @ The Garage – photo gallery
    We couldn’t miss the chance to see Liverpool’s The Mysterines in London at Highbury’s The Garage last night! Our supersnapper Keira Anee went along to capture the vibe. In her words “What a great band!”
  • EASHA: Manic Pixie Dream Girl
    Out now from EASHA: ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ is your new earworm.
  • JYLDA: So Alive
    Out now from JYLDA: ‘So Alive’.
  • Spence Paull: Crush
    Out now from Canadian singer-songwriter Spence Paull: ‘Crush’.
  • Thyla: Gum
    Out now from Brighton trio Thyla: ‘Gum’ is a playful indierock debut that instantly demands attention.
  • Carpark: Warm Beers
    Out now from Carpark: ‘Warm Beers’, an punky-pop ballad all touring musicians will hard relate to: warm beers, rude sound engineers and mystery bruises. Looking forward to hearing more from this trio.
  • Dyan Valdés: Fade Away – new music premiere
    LOUD WOMEN is delighted to bring you the premiere today of ‘Fade Away’, new single from Cuban-American-in Berlin Dyan Valdés. This delightfully ear-wormy retro-synth electropop ballad is one FFO Saint Etienne, and comes with an emotive video perfectly capturing the song’s themes of anxiety and panic.
  • Watch the LOUD WOMEN Fest documentary on Boo TV
    The good people of Boo TV came along to this year’s LOUD WOMEN Fest and filmed this brilliant mini-documentary featuring interviews with loads of the bands – including IDestroy, Breakup Haircut, GENN, I, Doris, Vulpynes, Piney Gir, LibraLibra and Murder Club! It’s so cool to have this little snapshot of an herstoric day, and glimpse into the ginormous green room that the bands enjoyed chilling out in together after performing! Settle in with some popcorn and check it out here …
  • Femegades: Leash – track of the day
    Today’s track of the day comes from Femegades: ‘Leash’ is taken from the band’s debut EP Pornsick. Sorry not sorry for sharing another song on the theme of violence against women – it’s the topic on all of our minds right now. This song is angry yet defiant, the second verse in particular was inspired by the story of Nikki Addimando who was originally serving a 19-year prison sentence for killing her abuser.
  • Shelf Lives: Shelf Life – video of the day
    Our video of the day comes from South London’s Shelf Lives: ridiculously catchy debut single ‘Shelf Life’ comes with a video that demands you sit right down and watch to the end. Peaches meets Monty Python.
  • The September LOUD WOMEN Playlist
    Our Reva May has put together a stormer of a playlist featuring some of the most badass LOUD WOMEN releases this past month. All the big new tunes you need to hear right now!
  • Free Whenever feat. Filo Sofia: Echo
    Out now from Free Whenever with Filo Sofia on dreamy vocals: ‘Echo’.
  • Spring Hill Walkers Club: Sertraline
    Out now from Brisbane’s Spring Hill Walkers Club (aka Keziah Davies): ‘Sertraline’.
  • Arson Whales: Scene Four
    Out now from North California’s Arson Whales: ‘Scene Four’ is all about that bass. Impossible not to move to this!
  • tara-bridget: She’s So Cool
    Out now from tara-bridget: the proceeds from single ‘She’s so cool’ will be going to women-lead charities for mentoring and education for young girls.
  • Jane N’ The Jungle: Ain’t No Other Way
    Out now from Jane N’ The Jungle: ‘Ain’t No Other Way’.
  • Sister Lucy: Big Kid – track of the day
    The talented Sister Lucy (Abi Sinclair) released ‘Big Kid’, the second single from her upcoming debut EP, Big Girl Pants. A strong follow up to her debut single, ‘Dream’, Sister Lucy continues to explore the reality of adulthood. 
  • Alice Mary: Surgeon
    Alice Mary is back with her third single released this year, ‘Surgeon’.  An emotional song with simple lyrics and woozy instrumentals, Alice Mary hits a nerve yet again. ‘Surgeon’ explores the feeling of seeing someone you love hurt themselves and the inner struggle if you could’ve done more to help them.  You can check out […]
  • GIRLI: Ruthless – video of the day
    GIRLI (Milly Toomey) has claimed video of the day again with her latest single, ‘Ruthless’. Filmed in a junkyard with styling inspired by Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette mixed with Vivienne Westwood’s punk, this video is the perfect showcase for ‘Ruthless’. 
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