For all those who support putting women on stage, and turning up the volume

Hall of Fame

And So It Goes

And So It Goes @ LOUD WOMEN, Hope & Ruin, Brighton, 23/05/16


argonaut 2
Argonaut @ LOUD WOMEN, Veg Bar Brixton, 30/10/15. Copyright Keira Anee 2015

One of LOUD WOMEN’s most beloved bands, Argonaut have played several times with us. Read about them in the Morning Star and here again.

Purveyors of fiery female fronted alternative punk rock. The band released their self-titled debut in 2012 and have recently unleashed their second album ‘Try’.



Didn’t manage to take any photos of Arxx when they played for us in Brighton (too much of the dancing), but suffice to say that they are FUCKING AWESOME and other drummers might not want to share breakables with them.



Flippin amazing electro-filth, Blindness headlined the stage of our very first ever LOUD WOMEN gig. (Nice review here.) Legendary guitarist Debbie Smith also occasionally graces the DJ decks of the LOUD WOMEN afterparty. We love these women lots.
“Dark, Raw, energetic, very very loud and intense with powerful and compelling vocals” – BBC Radio 6


Bugeye @ Silver Bullet, 18/3/16, photo (c) Bob Oram

Indie disco with a darker twist

Crack Foxes

crack foxes
Crack Foxes @ The Lexington, 30/4/16, (c) Keira Anee 2016



Dirtygirl @ LOUD WOMEN, Veg Bar, 20/11/15

Pop-Punk northern lasses. Recently released their first EP (Junk Food) (10th/10) and releasing split tape with CRUMBS (17th/10)

Dream Nails

dream nails
Dream Nails @ LOUD WOMEN, Silver Bullet, 3/10/15

Awesome riot witches. LOUD WOMEN is proud to have hosted their first ever gig, when they blew the roof off the Silver Bullet. Read about them in the Morning Star.


Dolls @ Silver Bullet, 15 April 2016. Photo (c) Andrew Darby

Echo & the Beats


This amazing punk-skacore band played our first Brighton gig at the Hope & Ruin on 23 May 2016, and we were having too much of a good time to take a photo – so we nicked this one off their website. They’re awesome!

Emily C Smith

emily c smith
Emily C Smith @ LOUD WOMEN, Silver Bullet, 3/10/15

Emily C Smith and her awesome band played the very first LOUD WOMEN show at Silver Bullet, have returned to play our Brixton home the Veg Bar. Big favs.

Fight Rosa Fight

fight rosa fight
Fight Rosa Fight @ LOUD WOMEN, Veg Bar, 20/11/15
Cheltenham DIYers. 2nd EP ‘Rotten’ out now.
“wonderfully pissed off poppy queer punk/riot grrrl” – Maximum Rock’n’Roll


Foxcunt @ The Silver Bullet, 8/1/16 Copyright Keira Anee 2016

Grace Petrie

grace petrie
Grace Petrie joined The Wimmins’ Institute @ LOUD WOMEN, album launch, at The Bread and Roses, Clapham, 28/11/15

Latest album ‘Whatever’s Left’ out now –
“A powerful new songwriting voice” – The Guardian
“Whining folk singer” – The Telegraph
“A smelly lezzer” – the EDL



The Ethical Debating Society

Tegan from The Ethical Debating Society @ LOUD WOMEN, Veg Bar, 30/10/15, Copyright Keira Anee 2015

Badass riot pop – the next big thing. Read about them in the Morning Star.

Jane Ruby

jane ruby
Jane Ruby @ LOUD WOMEN, Veg Bar, 4/12/15

Janine Booth

Janine Booth silver bullet
Janine Booth @ The Silver Bullet, 8/1/16 Copyright Keira Anee 2016
Poet and hater of Tories.



Seminal 90s riot grrrl band ‘reformed’ for our V-Day Ball on 13 Feb 2016 … that is to say, all the historic bass players from the band got together for a one-off special set.

Gig review in the Morning Star

Little Fists

little fists
(We pinched this photo off their Facebook. They cute.)
Melodic guitars, sad lyrics, sudden screaming, ALL THE FEELINGS!
Ep out entitled ‘No Home’

Madame So

madame so
Photo (c) Lore Sabau

MX Tyrants

MX Tyrants
Atmospheric, groove driven, finely polished art rock with the occasional chaotic breakout, MX Tyrants offer you a sound reminiscent of the early 80s, yet a beast all of its own.


Piney Gir

Piney Gir at Little LOUD WOMEN @ The Lexington, 30 April 2016

The Potentials

The Potentials
The Potentials @ The Silver Bullet 8/1/16. Copyright Keira Anee 2016
Buffy inspired diy feminist queer pop – what’s not to love?

Spanking Machine

spanking machine
Lauren from Spanking Machine @ LOUD WOMEN, Veg Bar, 4/12/15

Awesome punk twosome.








The Wimmins’ Institute

The WI
The Wimmins’ Institute @ Silver Bullet 8/1/16 Copyright Keira Anee 2016

The LOUD WOMEN ‘house band’. Album ‘Badass Lady Power Picnic’ out now


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