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video premiere: Leisure Tank drop ‘Higher’

LOUD WOMEN is chuffed to bring you an exclusive first view of the video for indie-rock power duo Leisure Tank‘s punchy new single, ‘Higher’, out now via Goddamn Records.

Singer K.C McKanzie says, “its about the twisted feeling one gets when someone tells a one sided, self-pitying break up story”.

Since forming in 2014, Leisure Tank have released a debut album, Wetsuit, which was recorded and produced by Alex McGowan (Tiger Lillies, Son of Dave, Jah Wobble).


video of the day: Cryptic Street drop ‘Let’s Go Suki’

Our fave Maltese girls have an awesome DIY video out. Looking forward to welcoming them to London this summer when they play LOUD WOMEN 11 August at the Hope & Anchor

Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Soundcloud: Spotify:

Video of the day: HAWK drops ‘Keeps Me Out’

Here’s HAWK – the stunning headliners of our St Patricia’s Day Fest this year – with a captivating new single, ‘Keeps Me Out’, out now via Veta Records.

‘Keeps Me Out’ flaunts Julie Hawk’s other-worldly vocals over big purple guitars. (They may or may not be purple – they sound it, you see.) Likened to Slowdive and Cocteau Twins, Julie herself explains the meaning behind the track:

“We’d been on tour doing a lot of long drives listening to Loveless and Souvlaki, and when we got back, we felt a real urge to go full shoe-gaze. The lyrics are Inspired by those days when the most tempting decision is to do nothing and immerse yourself in distractions from your inner demons. Deciding to make a change in your life – whatever that may be – means setting a new bar that feels unattainable; that can feel like a failure waiting to happen.”

HAWK originally formed in London in 2014, spending spells of time in their adopted second home in Berlin. They now produce all music themselves and have also recently started working with Rocky O’Reilly (And So I Watch You From Afar) to help develop their post-rock sound. In addition to their musical endeavours, front woman Julie is also a skilled illustrator and has recently launched Female Fronted Drawn Together – a project through which she has created a playlist of admirable female bands/musicians and created an illustration to accompany each song.

Catch HAWK live at Birdies Bar on 5th May 2018 for The Local at Liverpool Sound City.

Video of the day: Petrol Girls drop ‘Survivor’

Content warning: Lyrics about sexual violence
Video warning: This video consists of images moving in quick succession, which may not be suitable for viewers with photosensitive epilepsy.

Catch Petrol Girls on tour across the UK this April, and at Reading & Leeds this summer:
Apr 20 – Glasgow @ St. Lukes w/ Propagandhi
Apr 21 – Edinburgh @ Girls To The Front Fest
Apr 22 – Liverpool @ Sound
Apr 23 – Sheffield @ Picture House Social
Apr 24 – Nottingham @ The Bodega
Apr 25 – London @ The Shacklewell Arms
Apr 26 – Cambridge @ The Portland Arms
Apr 27 – Bradford @ 1 In 12 Club
Apr 28 – Newport @ Le Public Space
Aug 24/25 – Reading & Leeds Festivals

Connect with Petrol Girls:
Facebook Instagram Twitter

I’m not a victim I survived
It was my anger that kept me alive
I’m not so fragile I already broke
Can’t make me shut up if I already spoke

It was my anger, was my anger
It was my anger that kept me alive

They want me to take it
But not like a man
They want me to take it
Again and again

Asking for it

Words used against women who do not fit into
Our archaic culture’s limited view of gender
We are the lying harlot the conspiring witch
Prude slut insatiable bitch

What you gunna do when the coven assembles
What you gunna do when the pack forms

Don’t tell me how to cope or how to be
Stop pointing superior fingers at me
This place is so small I can’t breath
Sooner or later I will bare my teeth

They want me to take it
But not like a man
They want me to take it
Again and again
Don’t treat me like I’m fragile
I already broke
Can’t silence a movement
It’s too late we spoke

And if I froze up do you think that’s consent?
If I remained friendly does that mean I’m fine?
If I walked out and left you is that all this done?
If I defended myself is it me in the wrong?
If I fought back we’re even?
If I froze up I lied
No belief unless I fucking lay down and died
I’m gunna make it
I will survive
It was my anger that kept me alive.



Video exclusive! Basic Bitches drop ‘How Come None Of You Ever Want To Hang Anymore?’

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 01.29.10Basic Bitches are fast becoming our new favourite band. Not only are they flying all the way over from the USA to play with us on 21 April at DIY Space for London, they’ve gone and given us the exclusive premier of their fawesome new single and video! They say:
It’s a 52 second blitz aimed at coupled-up people who give up on their social lives called ‘How Come None Of You Ever Want To Hang Anymore?’

Track of the day: ‘Turned to Ash’ by Black Palms

London trio Black Palms have just released their debut single ‘Turned To Ash’, and it goes like this …

The band say:

“Like most Londoners, we descend from a melting pot of cultures including Jamaica, Greece and Iraq, and like most Londoners, we also find the city has the ability to drive you insane! In ‘Turned To Ash’ we’ve metaphorically captured that build-up of frustration…until you…implode…and turn to ash…

We also love guitar music and wanted to draw on our diverse range of influences to create a contemporary sound unafraid of being both heavy and song-driven. For us, combining the soaring vocals of Lianne La Havas with the down-tuned heaviness of Royal Blood is a perfect match!”

eed6c9_5b4a4c3c47944e7d84ec1669c94d310e~mv2_d_3000_3000_s_4_2The track can be downloaded free from the band’s website if you sign up to their mailing list, which seems like fair does:

And you can catch them live in London:

30 March at Nambucca
2 May at Bar 512
17 June Notting Hill Arts Club
22 June The Amersham Arms


Kitchen session: Bugeye


Just before Christmas, Bugeye popped in to Cassie Fox’s kitchen, to play a couple of songs, and have a chat about releasing their new album, a career spanning the 90s DIY scene, Wembley stadium and everything in between, and how to play a guitar with a baby bump!


Video features live performances of ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Hey You’. Look out for cameo appearances from Abby Werth, Ernie the cat, and baby Beth.