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Molly Ringworm: Stale – track of the day

Let’s start the week with a banger. Today’s track of the day is ‘Stale’ – a fresh but fuzzy pop-punk belter from Molly Ringworm.

Molly Ringworm is the South Jersey based indie rock project of Sarah Holt, with guitarist and cousin Johnny Zappas, bassist Andrew Simpson and drummer Niko Berardo.

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Destroy Boys: Honey I’m Home – track of the day

Today’s track of the day is dished up by Bay Area band, Destroy Boys. Out yesterday, ‘Honey I’m Home’ is, topically, about feeling trapped.

Led by singer Alexia Roditis’ and Vi Mayugba’s guitar, their second album Make Room led to U.S. and UK tours with Mannequin Pussy and SWMRS. They were scheduled to support Against Me! this spring, which due to COVID-19 has been postponed, and will be a part of the Sad Summer Festival with All Time Low, The Story So Far, The Maine and more, which is still scheduled to go on as planned. 

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Grace Pettis: Landon – track of the day

Today’s track of the day is the gorgeous ‘Landon’ by Grace Pettis – a true story-song written as an unabashed apology from the artist to her gay best friend for not being there when he came out. 

In lieu of tour dates this Spring, Pettis is performing a series of “Weekly Webcast” livestream concerts every Friday at 7:30 pm Central on her Facebook page:    

Hannah Ashcroft: Under the Static – track of the day

Our track of the day today is Hannah Ashcroft’s ‘Under the Static’ – out today, featuring members of BC Camplight and The Travelling band. A heady, hip-swaying departure from Hannah’s usual indie-folk acoustic sounds, this session was recorded with electric guitars, synths and a vintage rotary telephone, which the studio had rigged up as a microphone (see pic below!)

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Dream Nails: Kiss My Fist – new music

Dream Nails have just dropped a mighty new single – ‘Kiss My Fist – a punkrock marching anthem, railing against homophobic violence. The track comes from their self-titled album, now scheduled for release in September, on Alcopop! Records.

Guitarist Anya Pearson says:

“As a queer woman, I live in fear of violence every day because of my sexuality and the way I look. We were all shocked by that image of queer couple Melania Geymonat and Christine Hannigan, who were left bloodied and bruised by a group of teenagers for refusing to kiss on a London bus.

In the UK anti-LGBT hate crime has surged in the past five years. On the one-year anniversary of that attack, we are releasing Kiss My Fist in honour of all the queer people of this world trying to get from A to B without getting beaten up. Our message to homophobes and transphobes is clear: ask us to kiss again, and we will eat your brain”

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Locate S,1 :Even The Good Boys Are Bad – track of the day

Some experimental bedroom pop for you today from Montreal’s Locate S, 1. ‘Even the Good Boys Are Bad’, out today, is about to be stuck in your head all day, in a delightful way.

Locate S,1 is musician the project of Christina Schneider, and this song captures her partner (and producer) Kevin Barnes’ words of paternal anxiety about his daughter beginning to date.

The single comes from forthcoming album Personalia (out April 3 on Captured Tracks records)

Sister Ghost: Bruised Fruit – premiere + interview!

We are delighted to bring you today the premiere of ‘Bruised Fruit’ – the new single from NI Music Award winners Sister Ghost!

Single launch tonight in Belfast – tickets here

The single will be launched this evening at an exclusive, limited-capacity in-store show in Strange Victory Records in Belfast. 

We caught up with the band for a quick chat…

What’s ‘Bruised Fruit’ all about then?

The first draft of this song was very personal, and all about my first encounter with being a victim of the ‘blurred lines’ around consent as a teenager. It later morphed into a wider concept of feeling bruised in toxic relationships, whether that be romantic or platonic. I wanted the metaphor of a bruised fruit, like an apple that’s been dropped and hit the floor and it leaves that mark nobody likes, to represent how it felt to be used by someone; the mark is left on you and it’s up to you to see the mark as a lesson to not be bruised again or the bruise shows your resilience to come through a toxic experience.

Tell us about the recording of the song

So the music for this final version of the song was co-written with my awesome producer Cahir (of New Pagans and one of my fav bands from NI as a teen – Fighting With Wire!) and it was so great to work with him on that. I record my demos that I send Cahir, in my attic in my flat in Belfast, which my Da and I converted into a sweet little space – it’s my favourite place to create everything from collages to tarot readings on the full moon. I record all my songs as demos on my laptop using my Focusrite interface, LogicPro X and my beloved Telecaster guitar (bought in 2006 with money I saved up from my first job at 15), my bass and a crappy old SM58 microphone for the vocals. So once I finished the demo for Bruised Fruit I sent it to Cahir and he loved it and wanted to try some ideas with it. We then re-recorded an updated demo, sent it to my band and then recorded it fully in a practice space in an old mill in Belfast. It works well having him as a producer because I have a big respect for him and his back catalog and he totally trusts my vision, gives me space and gets what I’m going for. Plus, because both of us are straight-talking Derry folk, we can be very frank with each other and nobody gets annoyed haha! 

How’s the NI scene right now?

I recently posted online about just how much our scene here has changed since I was in the only all-female band in NI between 2011-2013:

“Remember when there was only one all female band in NI or like 2 women playing loud music here? Glad that’s over.”

Because it’s true now that there are so many more female-identified artists playing loud music here; many of which came through or met at Girls Rock School NI! It goes to show that feminist communities do help to empower, diversify and change music scenes for the better. Now it will no longer be a marker of difference / an ‘oddity’ to be a ‘loud woman’ or be in an all-female band here, it’ll just be the norm. That was my dream goal whenever I set up GRSNI in 2016 anyways and I am proud to see that it’s starting to take shape!

What’s next for Sister Ghost?

We just got finished touring Ireland with Petrol Girls which was amazing! They were so lovely and so badass. We’ll be playing some shows in the north of England including Manchester and Liverpool, at the end of April / start of May and I’m so excited for that because I’ve never played there with any of my bands before! This summer we’ll hit up some festivals and in the Autumn we hope to play some shows around London. I’d like to have another single in the summer and again in the autumn, with plans to finish and release the album “Attics” in 2021!

Well LOUD WOMEN also hopes to be seeing them in London in the Autumn … [strokes imaginary beard teasingly…]