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Kerryn Fields: Atlantis – track of the day

Today’s track of the day comes from New Zealand’s Kerryn Fields. ‘Atlantis’ showcases Fields’ show-stopping voice – powerful, rich tones impossible not to compare to Joni Mitchell – a queer love ballad inspired by Neil Young’s ‘Pocahontas’: “I’d die, for the way you love that song”.

The single comes from her second album ‘Water’.

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China Bamboo: Ambivalence (For You) – track of the day

Today’s track of the day comes from Brighton retropop honies China Bamboo. ‘Ambivalence (For You)’ is out today on Pool Valley Music, showcasing teen singer Ruby’s stunning songwriting, supersweet vocals, and the band’s deep love affair with the eighties (their grandparents must have told them about it, surely).

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Grandma’s House: No Place Like Home – track of the day

Today’s track of the day comes from Bristol queer punk trio Grandma’s House. ‘No Place Like Home’ is some menacing surf-noir to send shivers up the spine of Dorothy and all her friends. The band say of the track:

“‘No Place Like Home’ is an anthem born from the blackened ashes left behind by Brexit, focusing on the warped ideologies of the British press that continue to fester their way into the country’s psyche, their shameless manipulation taking us sleepwalking towards division and damage that we may not recover from.”

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Basic Bitches: I Hope Your Holidays are Fine – track of the day

Let’s start the week by looking ahead to the holidays, and why not. Today’s track of the day comes from our favourite musical NYC couple-band Basic Bitches, aka Naomi and Krystal. They tell us:

“last year we wrote a song about the general sense of dread and disappointment that accompanies the holiday season once you reach adulthood, when the most you can hope for are big leftovers and small hangovers. How could we have known that ‘I Hope Your Holidays Are Fine’ would hit even harder in 2020.”

The single was released yesterday and you can pick up some cute limited edition greetings cards on the band’s webstore, to raise money for (all profits from the track, $2 from each card pack).

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The Sunshine State: Cliff Drive – track of the day

Today’s track of the day comes from LA’s The Sunshine State, aka indierock songwriter Skyler Stonestreet: ‘Cliff Drive’. She tells us:

“‘Cliff Drive’ is about nostalgia for me, it’s about a time in my life where I was doing almost anything and trying everything, where I felt reckless but safe in that. I was on a constant chase for something new, dangerous, as long as it was freeing. Cliff Drive is a road in Santa Barbara where I grew up, and that I’ve driven down many many times. It’s a road that looks beautiful but has come with its own tragedies. This song captures the impulsive and carefree feeling of escape.”


Gang Box: It Has Wings

Out today from Gang Box, your new favourite punk riot grrrl rappers – ‘It Has Wings’. They tell us:

“It has Wings is a grunge/pop punk anthem for anyone who has been dumped and then left to confront that huge cockroach in their apartment, alone. The song guides us through fear, anger and eventual surrender. It’s the ultimate nightmare, to be abandoned and invaded at the same time.”

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