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Phildel: Electric Heights – video of the day

Our video of the day is Brighton’s Phildel’s dreamy ‘Electric Heights’, released ahead of the 22 March launch of her second album, ‘Wave Your Flags’.

In her own words:

“Electric Heights is about re-living and re-embodying that dizzy and exhilarating feeling of attraction. I wanted to achieve the opposite of obvious drama and instead, a calm, controlled yet intimate sense of expression”.

And on the new video:

“Visually, the song represents the memory of a relationship. The character Ramsey, was introduced in the first single: “The Deep” (an animation by Pixar artist: Youri Dekker). In Electric Heights, Ramsey emerges from the caves of animation and discovers his form afresh in reality. Revelling in the beauty of nature, he moves in wonderment. But still, is aware of his solitude and loneliness as he recalls moments of intimacy from the past”.

Catch Phildel live in London at The PURCELL ROOM on March 20th 2019

Phildel’s website

Twinnie: Hollywood Gypsy – video of the day

We’re head over heels in love with Twinnie’s ‘Hollywood Gypsy’ (Live from Margate), today’s video of the day. A generous portion of the Nashville sound served from … Margate? Yeah, I had a Google to check whether there’s a Margate in TN, but no, she does actually mean the one in Kent. Crikey.

In her own words, Twinnie says of the track:

“I’m so excited and very proud to be finally sharing my story and music with the world. This song was inspired by the town I grew up in and the people who made me who I am today. Whilst always remembering my roots, I’ve travelled around the world chasing my dream. This song captures that journey, it’s my truth and it’s a little piece of me”.

Twinnie will also perform the following dates at this year’s C2C in March.

Sat 9th            Town Square Stage at 02 Arena
Sun 10th         Indigo Stage at 02 Arena

Find Twinnie on web | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Naz & Ella: Wake Up America! (Ban the Gun) – song of the day

North London indie-folkers Naz & Ella‘s new single speaks for itself: ‘Wake Up America! (Ban the Gun)’. Fuck yeah.

The duo’s no-frills acoustic arrangement, and summer-lawn harmonies will prick-up the ears of traditional protest folk-lovers, and their queer-punk ethos will warm the cockles of DIY fans like ourselves. Hope to see these two live soon.

Find Naz & Ella on Facebook.

Piney Gir: Peanut Butter Malt Shop Heartthrob – video of the day

Piney Gir‘s new video, for dreamy retro-pop single ‘Peanut Butter Malt Shop Heartthrob’, is surprisingly not set in the 50s Americana diner that is conjured up listening to the surf guitar accompanying Piney’s salty-sweet vocal. It’s set in the big aquatic shop just by my mum’s house on the A3. And it’s flipping gorgeous! Piney explains:

“We filmed the video at Lynwood Aquatics just outside of London. There is a main attraction there; Lilly the 30-year-old tropical fish. I work in the shop and serenade the fish while I am sweeping and cleaning the tanks, feeding the fish, etc… and then a magical transformation occurs. The fish becomes a handsome sax player (Tomas Greenhalf) dressed all in white reminiscent of Frankie Avalon’s ‘Beauty School Dropout’ performance in the 1978 film ‘Grease.’ I then have a makeover of my own, becoming a Pricilla Presley kind of starlet, wearing a dress covered in fish fins and feathers. I dance among the fish tanks surrounded by blue neon lights and tropical fish. It’s trippy… it’s unclear if this is all a dream, a figment of my imagination, or if some kind of magic did happen in the tropical fish and aquarium shop that day revealing my Prince Charming.”

Viva Lilly the fish, and viva Piney.

Come see her (Piney, not Lilly) perform live this Tuesday 19 Feb 2019 at Paper Dress Vintage in Hackney, along with Lone Taxidermist (solo set) and Samantha Whate.