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New music: Militant Girlfriend drop ‘2k17 was for dickheads’

36087887_2045767098790736_4266179435884969984_o.jpgOur favourite queercore barmaids Militant Girlfriend just launched an absolute beauty of a single, and it’s free to download right now from Bandcamp. Enjoy!

Catch ’em live too on 26 July when they support the mighty Miss Eaves at DIY Space for London:





Track of the day: ‘Funeral’ by Sam Valdez


The new single  ‘Funeral’ from Shoegaze rock Americana artist Sam Valdez is

“inspired by Sufijan Stevens and the words of Sylvia Plath”.

Valdez grew up at the edge of the Nevada desert, in Las Vegas and credits the desert as a major influence in her writing and composing. The vastness and solitude of desert life is apparent throughout her writing, with cinematic resonance and euphoric arrangements.

After performing in numerous bands, she found the essence of her solo sound and decided to run with it, indulging in her own creative process and ultimately developing a sound that is true to her own. As a classically trained violinist, Valdez has a sense of musical maturity within her songs, adding technicalities that bring her to the forefront of her genre.

Find Sam Valdez on

Track of the day: Lauren Lakis ‘Lead us on’

34035964_210603216218187_995221927679229952_nBaltimore’s Lauren Lakis is a woman on a mission:

“to strike out on my own, boldly go where no one in my family has gone, to love harder and more passionately.”

Wanting to discover what it’s like to lead the lives of as many different types of people in the world, Lakis spent nights writing poetry with junkies in abandoned warehouses, taught English in Prague, worked as both a stripper and yoga teacher in Tokyo and helped as a mentor for kids with autism. These challenges, she says, gave her a whole new understanding, opening her eyes and learning empathy and compassion for others.

FEROCIOUS, her first full-length solo album, is a culmination of these past experiences folded with a recent personal tragedy. The album narrates the stages of grief in chronological order, with this, the leading single, ‘Lead Us On’.




Track of the day: Zosia’s ‘Overthrown’

0Content warning: discussion of sexual assault in the text and music’s lyrics.
Zosia has just released ‘Overthrown’, an emotionally-charged but easy-on-the-ear pop single on a hard-to-hear subject, society’s treatment of sexual assault victims. Zosia details her own struggle of battling shame and issues of self worth after being a victim of sexual assault, and hopes to help others heal. She says:
“As a victim myself, I have spent my life battling shame and issues of self worth. I was depressed and angry for ever other victim who has faced and will face this sort of dismissal of their pain.”
Zosia has succeeded in composing a beautifully raw anthem that embodies the range of emotions that so many women deal with on a daily basis. “We don’t have to be either vulnerable or strong; vulnerability is just another form of strength” explains Zosia.
LA-based singer, producer and songwriter Zosia (born Anneke Lada) began writing songs at the age of nine. With a diverse set of influences, Zosia describes her musical style as alternative electro-pop with elements of trip hop, rock and alternative R&B. With strong vocals and cinematic synths, Zosia’s lyrics touch on overcoming depression, anxiety and finding fulfilment.


Track of the day: Ishani’s ‘Insomnia’


“Insomnia is a love song to all of those sleepless people up all night, trapped in their sheets. I wanted to send some love and strength to those people. One in three of us experience mild insomnia, but you’re not alone and yours isn’t the only light on in the middle of the night.”

Hailing from the southernmost point of England, at a young age Ishani returned with her family to the sprawling metropolis of Bangalore, India, where she spent her childhood. After obtaining her degree in TV, Film and Radio in Singapore she moved to London to study Audio Engineering at Alchemea & Point Blank. Her first track ‘Pelican Elephant’ was picked up by MTV India and she was showcased as a BBC introducing artist. Ishani has performed at Sziget Festival and she’s also opened for the Icelandic electronic group ‘GusGus’ at Be My Lake Festival. Her second single ‘Don’t Stop the Fight’ was downloaded over 400,000 times after being included in the Indian interactive comic book Priya’s Mirror. Ishani is deeply influenced by artists such as Massive Attack, Portishead, Morcheeba and Hooverphonic. She is now working on new music that will eventually be released as her debut EP ‘Stormy Emotions’ which is due out in August 2018.




New music: Susie Blue drops ‘She’s a Keeper’

tumblr_otpd4isMXZ1u7u4v1o1_1280Northern Irish Susie Blue has released a single, ‘She’s A Keeper’, taken from her forthcoming debut LP ‘Didn’t Mean To Care’. For fans of polished 90s-esque indie rock, and cards-on-the-table romance (erm, that’s all of us yeah?).

Susie says…
“Its a song about the coolest woman you’ve ever met, she is so effortless and there doesn’t seem to be anything she can’t do. In the words of Peaches “the boys wanna be her, the girls wanna be her; but also you just fall in love with her like I did”
Catch Susie Blue live:

28th April , Drop Dead Twice,  Dublin (Single Launch)

11th May Yes repeal gig Balor Arts Centre,  Ballyboffey
23rd May The Empire Music Hall Belfast (w/Jealous Of The Birds))
30th May Workmans Club, Dublin (W/ Jealous Of The Birds)
8th June  Bar Sub,  Belfast

and on the internets: