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Abby Ahmad: High Diving – track of the day

Today’s track of the day is ‘High Diving’, a sultry dream-rock ballad just dropped by Brooklyn NYC’s Abby Ahmad. One for a blanket in the park.

Abby say the song began as a commentary on the emphasis placed on failure and accomplishment:

“For many years, I’ve struggled with perceiving achievement and outward recognition as a symbol of success. When you are seeking external validation as a means of professional worth, it starts to bleed into your concept of personal identity, as well. I am now actively making strides to prioritize creativity, connection, craft, and community. It makes me healthier and happier as a human and my work more authentic, risky, and ultimately viable.”

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The Angry Abbys: You Won’t See Me – track of the day

Today’s track of the day is some old school political garage rocknroll from San Francisco’s The Angry Abbys, ‘You Won’t See Me’.

Bassist/vocalist Ellen Frankel (while not an Abby, as such), says,

“While our name suggests we are angry – and we ARE angry! – playing music makes us happy, and, simply put, we hope our music makes our audiences happy, too.”

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MBG: What You’ve Done To Me – track of the day

Today our track of the day is ‘What You’ve Done to Me’ from Canada’s MBG. (So much great music coming from Canada right now – when is someone going to start us a Canadian LOUD WOMEN chapter hmm?)

Anyway. MBG is Leena, in her bedroom, playing all the instruments and producing all the sounds, like a proper DIY shero. Her debut EP – Have An Alright Day – is out now .

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Low Life Lolas: Darling, I Won’t Ask – track of the day

Toronto’s Low Life Lolas provide our track of the day today – gorgeous indie-rock ballad ‘Darling I Won’t Ask’. The track is from their debut EP Wolves, which came out 10 May 2019. 

The band is fronted by songwriter Renée Parr, who writes songs about “struggle, heartbreak, and queer love”. Faves.

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Miss June: Best Girl – track of the day

Today’s track of the day comes from New Zealand’s Miss June – ‘Best Girl’. Frontwoman Annabel Liddell counts amongst her skills writer, skateboarder, model, and Doctor – and she makes records this damn good. Shero.

The band have just toured with Idles and signed to French Kiss Records. Liddell says of this single:

“Best Girl is an anthem for anyone who has been misled from birth into battle for a spot that doesn’t exist.” 

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Lesibu Grand: Miranda – track of the day

Today’s track of the day is dished up by Atlanta’s Lesibu Grand – ‘Miranda’. FFO Pixies and and sci-fi. Kim Deal in space. No, really.

“The first half of Miranda finds a couple in 50s suburbia arguing over relatively minor slights. The second half takes us into their fantasies of intergalactic travel, where their passions are reignited by the threat of a common enemy – and the glow of distant stars.”

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