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Friday 1st February 2019 saw the launch night of LOUD WOMEN NYC โ€“ a new chapter of our beloved organisation, putting musical women in the spotlight.

Cady Siregar is the goddesslike-genius behind the new chapter, and despite being relatively new to the Brooklyn neighbourhood, she expertly organised a hugely successful and well-attended show at the frankly gorgeous venue The Well.

Two UK bands flew over especially for the show โ€“ T-Bitch and I, Doris โ€“ joining New Yorkers Slut Magic and Basic Bitches for a beautifully transatlantic sisterly punk evening.

More good things are in the pipeline for LOUD WOMEN NYC โ€“ join the Facebook group to get involved, and watch this space …



So so SO excited to announce the launch of the new LOUD WOMEN NYC chapter’s first gig, at Brooklyn’s The Well โ€“ with Basic Bitches and I, Doris confirmed so far, more TBA soon! This will be a night to remember โ€“ tell all your NYC friends! Event link here!

cadyThe new LOUD WOMEN NYC group has been set up by Cady Siregar, a musician we got to know through her awesome band Spare Rib, and also through a magazine she set up, Girl Fiend. In her own words:

I’m a transplant of the London DIY scene now living in NYC and I’m keen to start a Big Apple leg of LOUD WOMEN, and to build and grow a New York-based community of great female & non-binary musicians. I’m eager to start organising regular LW gig nights in the city with some amazing women-led bands. I’d also love some help with running the group and putting on events and reaching out to bands so if you’d like to join, please reach out! I’d love to put our first gig on sometime early in the new year.

it’d also be great for this to be a group for women looking to start and join bands, so we can form thousands of bands and then take over the world. ๐Ÿ†’.

***PLEASE ADD PEOPLE*** to the group who you feel would like to be involved, be it anyone who’d like to help organising events / musicians / bands / anybody wanting to start a band but needing that extra push / anyone & everyone who would like to be involved, period!
๐Ÿค™๐Ÿฝ peace out xxx