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Fighting Colours: To the Bone – new music

Brighton rockers Fighting Colours just dropped their debut single, ‘To the Bone’, and it’s a Rock song with a capital R. This fine foursome had only just formed and played their first ever gig two weeks before Coronavirus shut us all down – nonetheless they’ve recorded this ace single, and kept up the momentum with online gigs. That’s the spirit. Party on, Fighting Colours!

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IDESTROY: Petting Zoo – new music

Bristol trio IDestroy are back – with new lineup and the trademark rock licks given a supercharged punk injection. New single ‘Petting Zoo’ is out today with ‘keep your hands to yourself’ message we can all get behind. It was written following frontwoman Bec being groped in a nightclub:

“A mixture of emotions overcame me – shock, anger, violation. Most startling was the confusion and helplessness I felt. What do you do in that situation? Petting Zoo is for everyone who’s had enough, who is tired of being leered at, sexualised and touched without consent.”

A glorious taste of album “We Are Girls’, slated for February.

“I wanted the songs to address issues that are important to us,” says Bec. “The experiences we’ve had as an all-female band – turning up to play gigs and being asked for our tickets or being given shorter soundchecks than boys on a bill – had been on my mind for a while. It’s vital to me that the songs have meaning. Not least because it makes them more fun to perform.”

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Morchella: Woman of Now – new music

Out today from London-via-Ukraine’s Morchella: ‘Woman of Now’ is the title track of her new EP, also out today. She tells us …

“‘Woman of Now’ was inspired by the simple idea that nothing really matters other than the present moment and there can be a lot of beauty in that – if you are able to stop and appreciate your surroundings. This is the mood I tried to capture in the instrumentation / production of the song, particularly the choruses, with the verses taking on a grittier tone. I was lucky to work with a very talented band who really helped bring this to life. The song was written before the pandemic, but I can certainly speak for myself that ‘living in the present’ has been a saving grace in these uncertain times when the future can be too scary to contemplate. Perhaps this is a sentiment that others can also relate to.”

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Themme Fatale: The Girl That Never Was – new music PREMIERE

LOUD WOMEN is delighted to bring you today the premiere of the beautiful and poignant new single from Themme Fatale. ‘The Girl That Never Was’ is out tomorrow:

“This song is about grappling with what reality could have been if I transitioned earlier. I used the metaphor of accidentally (or not?) killing a girl in a car accident because that’s what the hesitation feels like every day when I see my body mutilated by puberty.

The track is taken from forthcoming album Let’s Destroy Themme:  

It’s basically a kind of DIY musical diary investigating dysphoria, self-sabotage, loneliness, etc., and letting all those negative feelings go. I’ve spent so long diminishing myself and putting myself down that I wanted to use it as an opportunity to let something go into the world that might be rough around the edges, but it expresses a lot of raw emotions in a cathartic way that I hope will resonate with people who feel similarly. 

Themme Fatale describes themselves as “a nonbinary, genderless and genreless artist who uses their music to experiment with whatever they feel like”. Really looking forward to hearing this talented young artist’s album when it appears!

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