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lorna draws … slowcoaches

Slowcoaches were the last band of the night. For the first half of their set there was a big pit of (mostly) women, dancing and good-humoured jostling. At some point the pit was taken over by aggressive men and the singer/bassist of Slowcoaches picked up her mic stand and stepped off the stage and placed her mic stand in the pit and claimed the space as hers. She was thrashing around, all the time playing like a maniac. A guy pushed her and she immediately turned to face him and gave him a don’t-fuck-with-me look. He withered. She won.

Don’t mess with Slowcoaches, they own the whole bloody scene. They rule.

Lorna Tiefholz plays in Rabies Babies and Mountain of Fire and Miracles,
and she draws and blogs at ‘Gigs and Pencils’


lorna draws … Orchestra of Spheres

by Lorna Tiefholz

Orchestra of Spheres put on a real proper show. They filled the main stage of Eindhoven Psych Lab with fab dance moves, kooky glasses, self-made instruments, infective tunes, danceable rhythms, and a bass sound that grabs your heart and makes you fall in love with them. I bought their album ‘Brothers and Sisters Of The Black Lagoon’ and it is really good. They have a strong afro-psychedelic sound, and they are very bass and rhythm-heavy. The bass synth player gets some beautiful dirty sounds that tear your heart. I was won over.