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Everyday’s a Gift: T-Bitch – Friday Soundtrack

The soundtrack to our Friday comes courtesy of the inimitable T-Bitch: ‘Everyday’s a Gift’ is out today on Bandcamp, in aid of South East and Central Essex Mind. Who better than our favourite glitter punx T-Bitch to soundtrack our Friday with a message of positivity and support. Front-bitch Stevie tells us:

“everybody, including us as a band, has been challenged mentally throughout this last year and this song is in recognition of that.  In usual T-Bitch style, it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek but with a serious message hidden away. The title ‘Everyday’s A Gift’ is a line from our guitarist Cheeky Kev, who has his own health struggles to contend with.”

The song features regular band members Stevie, Cheeky Kev, Fanny Von T, T-Red and a special guest appearance from Ren Stedman.

Smiling through the tiers, T-Bitch cannot wait to join you all back on stage at some point in 2021 – until then, remember, ‘Everyday’s A Gift.’

All proceeds from the Bandcamp download will go direct to South East and Central Essex Mind, which is a charity close to the band’s hearts.


Grab the track from T-Bitch’s Bandcamp here.

Slut Magic: Salsa Red – PREMIERE!

Today we bring you a new music premiere from our glittery NYC punk friends Slut Magic. ‘Salsa Red’ is out today, and it’s an ode to frontwoman Emma’s high school bedroom:

“Secret, seductive, traumatic and fun …

In the beforetimes, this is the song that made people scream and jump on the dancefloor.”

We loved screaming and jumping on the dancefloor with Slut Magic at the launch of LOUD WOMEN NYC last year, and we really hope we can get back to all that sort of thing very soon.

In the meantime, there’s a Slut Magic album coming out later this month – Trauma Queen. There’s going to be a killer virtual release event for the full album on 30 October livestreamed on their YouTube channel, hosted by Brooklyn drag star Angelica Frankenstein. Expect music videos, interviews, sketches and lols. If you miss it, we’ll give it a share here too, cos we love this sort of stuff big time!

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Girlcrush: I’m Easy – Friday soundtrack

The soundtrack to our Friday comes from Copenhagen based queer feminist pop-punk band Girlcrush: ‘I’m Easy’ is out today and we are totally here for this sex-positive horn ballad! They tell us:

“We hope the song makes people horny! We think it is a very sexy and smooth song that gives the listener insight on how lust can be experienced from a queer and feminine perspective. Most of the songs regarding sex are written by men and describe sexual lust from a male perspective. They tend to be quite objectifying and revolve around how hot and fuckable fuckable a specific woman is. If you take a look at how WAP (Cardi B) has been received it’s still too controversial for women (and people with other gender identifications than male) to sing about sex. “I’m Easy” puts an end to the idea about it being shameful for non-males to want to have sex and express themselves openly about it. We believe that women and queers should be able to dress how they want and have sex with as many as they want without being slut shamed.”

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SLANT: La Danse – Friday soundtrack

The soundtrack to our Friday today comes from Brighton’s SLANT. ‘La Danse’ is out today. They tell us …

“On a visit from another universe, SLANT landed on planet ‘Earth’ for a night of good times and boogying. To thank them for their hospitality, SLANT gifted the humans with ‘La Danse’; an alien disco party from the deepest crevice of the cosmos. Won’t you join them in this dance? You’ll be dying for a chance…”

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Lucia & the Best Boys: Perfectly Untrue – Friday soundtrack

The soundtrack to your Friday is provided today by Lucia & the Best Boys: instant earworm ‘Perfectly Untrue’ is out today, and it’s ahead of their EP ‘The State of Things’, slated for October on Sweet Jane Recordings.

Speaking about the new single, guitarist/vocalist Lucia said: 

“Perfectly Untrue was written a couple of weeks after I wrote ‘Let Go’. This recording is in its original form, which Chris Greatti and myself powered on an all nighter till 4am, as I was leaving LA the next day. It’s funny to listen to them both back to back as it shows the many mixed emotions I was going through during heart-break, feeling strong and capable one minute, then distraught and confused the next. The only way through seemed to be to pretend that everything was fine or perfect whereas in reality it was Perfectly Untrue. I can definitely say now looking back that this is the worst solution ever, but also I know that it is just a coping mechanism that people use as escapism. When you are in a weird or dark headspace you see many versions of yourself that you didn’t even know existed. Perfectly Untrue’s “Happy Go Lucky” sound portrays the fake joy I pushed myself to feel in order to avoid the sad truth, which is displayed in the lyrics that are also coated in glitter and glamour – “dressed up in gold” and “dance until I die”.

Look forward to seeing lots more from these – they’re supporting our faves Dream Wife on tour in April/May 2021.

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Kindsight: Who Are You – Friday Soundtrack

The soundtrack to our Friday is some instantly cheering retro indie pop from Copenhagen’s Kindsight. “Who Are You” is out today on Rama Lama Records, and it’s a warm hug between The Darling Buds and Dream Wife.

Kindsight are Nina, Søren, Anders and Johannes, and formed out of Nina and Sørens shared love for The Sugarcubes. The band claim that drummer Johannes was recruited to “drag him out of an unsettling obsession with jazz-music” and bass player Anders was chosen “only because of his looks and his ability to fit into small bags.” We are feeling warm things for this band and would like to hear more please!

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New Pagans: Yellow Room – Friday Soundtrack

The soundtrack to our Friday is a stunning new single from Belfast’s New Pagans: ‘Yellow Room’ tackles a subject very close to LOUD WOMEN’s heart, that of motherhood within the music industry, and the lack of support for women with perinatal mental health needs.

The lyrics are based on the short story ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ by American writer Charlotte Perkins Gilman, which is celebrated as an important piece of early American feminist literature. 

Many believe it deals with the topic of postnatal depression which is something fronwoman Lyndsey McDougall has witnessed some of her close friends struggle with.

 “When you become a mother for the first time the nights are often the most difficult”, she explains, “Long, lonely hours in the dark, feeding, worrying and watching. 

“‘The Yellow Wallpaper’, although an example of gothic horror, was a comfort to me as I struggled to make sense of all the new emotions and implications of having another human being to look after. It made me feel less alone in the shock of becoming a mother.”

With the new single New Pagans aim to encourage recognition for mothers within the industry and specifically highlight the need for a specialised parent-and-baby mental health unit in Northern Ireland; something which has been improved in England, Scotland and Wales. 

“We hope everyone can become a little more comfortable with this topic, we personally want to see the narratives of mothers/parents/carers included and considered in every industry. We need to ask ourselves why we are so uncomfortable with discussing it and why we feel it’s not relevant. 

“Motherhood doesn’t define me but it definitely shouldn’t be something I hide or feel ashamed about. We need to challenge the perception that women who become mothers have less to add to the conversation.” 

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Le Fomo: Nip On The Dance Floor

The soundtrack to our Friday is explosive [socially-distanced] disco-starter ‘Nip On The Dance Floor’ from Oakland CA’s Le Fomo. They describe their sound as ‘electro thrash pop / gender expanse wave’ and we are totally here for this stone cold banger of a single.

“Who put me in this shirt? Let me out from under here!”

How did NOTDF come about? LE FOMO vocalist, Ess Nelson, was in mid-conversation when they spotted a free nip bouncing gloriously to the beat on the sunny back patio of El Rio, the beloved queer bar located in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood. In a fit of inspiration, Ess proceeded to write the lyrics for NOTDF (Nip On The Dance Floor), later crafting the entire song during a short stay at a queer art/activist house in Berlin.

Out now on Analouge Trash Records, NOTDF is the band’s first single from their upcoming LP, Swallow Me Whole. Two more singles – Tiny Anchor and Swallow Me Whole, the title track – are due for release over the summer.

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