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Hyps: ‘Taix Messages’ – first listen

hyps main by Nicole Ellsworth
Hyps – photo by Nicole Ellsworth

Southern California’s pop duo hyps are Keena Batti and Molly Falck, and they’re treating Loud Women today to an exclusive first listen to single ‘Taix Messages’, from their forthcoming EP, ‘Feed’. It’s a gorgeously jangly sing-along-in-the-car pop song with just enough sexy guitar and lo-fi production to make it instantly adorable. Keena says of the track:

“I started writing ‘Taix Messages’ about a relationship from several years ago, but by the end of the writing and arranging process, it was apparent I was actually reflecting on the slow degeneration of the relationship I was in at the time. Because processing a breakup is cathartic, you often get a sad, down-tempo song, but that doesn’t have to be the case. After wrapping my head around the end of the relationship, I realized that endings aren’t necessarily always sad. As painful as that process was, I love that the end result is something sonically joyful.”

Immediately engaging, feed is infused with both an unreserved optimism and a tinge of creeping anxiety. “These songs feel liminal” says Falck. “They’re the product of that transition between our post-college years and young adulthood when nothing is quite settled and everything feels significant. There were break-ups, and new relationships, and jobs, and firings, and failures, and joys.”

While our heroines both grew up steeped in music (“For 8th grade graduation, my parents got me a purple Strat – that was the moment I knew I was going to be a guitar player forever,” says Batti. Falck got her start as a kid “performing in tons of musicals – my first role was in Kittens, a dumbed-down version of Cats.”), it wasn’t until their paths crossed during a summer p

TM_SINGLE_HYPS_Finalv2rogram at Cambridge University that they found their musical soulmates. The two clicked instantly, and on their return to Berkeley they began practicing constantly; eventually working up the nerve to try busking on the aptly named College Ave. They made $40, and a dream was born.

After graduation they followed that dream back to Los Angeles and threw themselves into making it a reality. They landed a residency at The Old Palace in Malibu, and, as Steps of Doe, recorded their debut EP On Returning with bass player / producer Devon Geyer (Decorations). In 2017 they left The Old Place, changed their name, and began recording feed at Bedrock LA in Echo Park. Produced by hyps, the record features performances by Ricky Cruces (guitar), Edo Tancredi (drums), and Brian Narvy (bass).

Though they may be sonic soul sisters, Batti and Falck write the bulk of their music independently of one another. “We present them at rehearsal and do the arranging together,” explains Batti. “It allows each song to have its own identity, but arranging together gives it the hyps sound.” Lyrically, the songs on feed are tinged with nostalgia. “There’s always an undercurrent of yearning for things past in everything we write,” says Falck, “whether it’s a past love or a past version of ourselves.”

Moreover, their songs all come from a place of feeling like an outsider; whether it’s feeling alienated in your own relationship, your social circle, or your chosen profession. “We’ve always felt like we weren’t taken seriously as musicians. We play multiple instruments and write all our own music. We lead a band and produced these songs,” says Batti, “but as women, we’re constantly second-guessed by our peers. We want other women to see that they can do this shit too.”

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Junodef: ‘Heights’ – first listen


Swedes in London JUNODEF have a dreamy new single out, Heights, tomorrow, but they’re treating us to a very first listen!

Karin Grönkvist weaves delicate vocals over moodily distorted guitars and retro-electro beats. Snuggle up in your blackest jumper and wallow.

In their own words:

“the song is about the realisation that something is about to come to an end, and the fear that accompanies that realisation. Heights is the moment just before the inevitable happens, the place where everything is still fine and normal; where time has stopped and all your energy is directed towards enjoying important relationships and moments, but with the underlying knowledge that it will soon be gone.”

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Heights is out on 12th October 2018 via AWAL.

Kate Kelly: ‘The Book We Made’ – first listen

Kate Kelly by Abby Weeden
Kate Kelly – photo by Abby Weeden


Nashville’s Kate Kelly has released an unashamedly feel-good, punch-pretty pop song that will strike a chord with anyone who’s ever felt a massive weight dropping from your shoulders at the end of a crap relationship.

In her own words:

“A couple years ago I was moving from one house to another in Nashville. As I packed boxes, I found myself deep in thought about what we hold onto and what we let go of through changes in our lives. At that very moment I realized I was still holding tightly onto a toxic relationship. ‘The Book We Made’ became my anthem of letting it go.”

Here’s the world premiere first listen just for you!


The track is from Kelly’s album, The Wonder of it All. Find out more …




Shoo Shay has got a message for guys who send unsolicited dick pics

shooshay1Shoo Shay just slid into my DMs with a surprise message – saying she’s got a reply to the guys who do just that, but then follow up with that photo that noone ever asked to see, the dick pic. (What is up with that??)

The South London artist is working on a video for the track, but we can’t wait for that – gotta share this!



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First listen: Luna Neptune drops ‘Next Automated Wave’

Luna Neptune 2

Folksy psych-rocker Luna Neptune has a haunting new single out, ‘Next Automated Wave’, and she’s kindly shared it with us first! Check it out here on her Soundcloud.

The track comes from her forthcoming EP of the same name, which also features this pretty ditty, ‘Elspeth & Elijah’.

See her live:
10/08/18 – Fairport’s Croperdy Convention Festival
12/08/18 – Solarsphere Festival

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New music: MADI

jpg 31_preview

MADI is the moniker of Welsh musician Maddie Jones. She calls her music ‘weirdo pop’ – her influences are diverse – and the sound has been compared to that of St Vincent, Kimbra, and Goldfrapp. Maddie plays  keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, and clarinet, as well as programming synths and sampling everything from FM radio to train carriages.
Her debut single ‘Intimate’ is released this Friday 8th June 2018. It’s a crazily catchy pop song – you’ll be singing the chorus all the day. Don’t say we didn’t warn you:
Alongside creating music as MADI, Maddie performs as a vocalist, and as a session musician. She also curates and presents line-ups, such as her Girl in a Band stage for Swn Festival and The Tramshed Sessions (MADE TV). She wrote the music for and appears in the touring feminist gig-theatre production ‘Enough is Enough’, and mentors other artists as part of the Forte project.