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Advent Galendar Window no.24 – Dream Nails

It’s Chriiiiiiiiiistmas Eeeeeeeeve! Time to open the very last window on the LOUD WOMEN Advent Galendar – who’s that’s ripping the shutters off and smashing them over the head of the patriarchy?

Of course, it’s Dream Nails!


LOUD WOMEN loves Dream Nails big time – they have played our nights more times almost than any other band, and we’ve already got two more big shows planned with them in the new year! That’s 20 Jan at the Amersham Arms, and 13 Feb at The Lexington.

Dream Nails call our Cassie Fox their ‘Fairy Punkmother’, and she makes no attempt to hide the fact they they are her favourite Punkchildren. We’ve watched with love as this awesomeone foursome have rocketed across the UK and Europe this year, returning to Glastonbury for a second year running, and tearing up stages large and small, getting more and more accomplished each time they perform.

Their new EP launched this Autumn – Dare to Care – and it’s a banger. If it’s not in your stocking tomorrow morning, have words with Santa, and then use that money your Gran sent you to buy it in the new year.

Wishing you all a very very merry Christmas, happy new year, and lashings of Deep Heat on the balls of the patriarchy in 2018 xxx

Advent Galendar Window no.21 – Big Joanie

Lots of excitement today – it’s the day of our Christmas party at The Lexington! (Very few tickets left by the way) AND … it’s time to open Advent Galendar window number 21 to reveal …

Big Joanie!


Big Joanie have had an awesome year, and they’re celebrating tonight too at Feministmas at The Victoria, along with Dream Nails, Charmpit and Wizard Apprentice. (We are so SO sad our party had to fall on the same night, but if you’re not coming to ours, do DO go to theirs!)


Big Joanie are Chardine (drums & vocals), Estella (bass & vocals), and Steph (guitar & vocals), and they’ve been on our booking wishlist for ages – so we’re very excited that they’re coming to play at a very special gig we have on 9 March 2018. Based on the idea behind the book Under My Thumb (for which Big Joanie’s Stephanie wrote a contribution), it’s a night of ‘songs that hate women, performed by the women who love them’. One for your new 2018 diary!



Advent Galendar Window no.20 – Petrol Girls

Window number 20 of the LOUD WOMEN Advent Galendar is exploding right off in a punk fireball, thanks to …

Petrol Girls!


Petrol Girls are just THE BEST. This amazing photo (by the enormous talent that is Keira Anee) was taken at the first ever LOUD WOMEN Fest in 2016, and the band were a no-contest rebooking for this year’s Fest. Hell, they’re welcome anytime.

PG’s Ren has some beautiful zines and screenprints for sale on Etsy at the moment, worth a look if you’re still after last-minute xmas pressies –

Advent Galendar Window no.19 – Argonaut

Not long to go now – it’s time to open window number 19 of the LOUD WOMEN Advent Galendar …

And it’s those lovelies from Argonaut!


Argonaut have been LOUD WOMEN family from day one – playing our first ever gig back in 2015, through to helping out with stewarding this year’s LOUD WOMEN Fest. We’re loving their recently-releases album Argonaut: Forever, which you can grab from here.

We’re also loving that they’ve recorded a cover of Last Christmas, just because:



Advent Galendar Window no.18 – The Franklys

Good morning! Time to open the LOUD WOMEN Advent Galendar window number 18, and who’s that swishing all that beautiful hair about …?

It’s The Franklys!


The Franklys won a lot of new fans when they first played for us, at the first LOUD WOMEN Fest in 2015. Since then they’ve played again for us at The Lexington, and they will be contributing to our second compilation album – more about that in the new year!

This awesome garage pop band are so clearly destined for huge things – maybe 2018 will be the year they’ll get to rock out on the enormous stages they deserve!

Advent Galendar Window no.17 – The Empty Page

Here’s something worth getting out of bed on a Sunday for … it’s time to open window number 16 of the LOUD WOMEN Advent Galendar! Who’ve we got here then …

It’s The Empty Page!


Manchester lovelies The Empty Page have been on our favourites list for as long as we’ve known about them, and we were delighted to feature their stonking track ‘Deeply Unloveable’ on our first compilation album. In their own words:

“We’ve had a top year! We’ve toured all over the UK and been to Canada to play some shows. We’ve met some great bands. We’ve laughed lots and we’ve written some cracking new songs that are going down well at gigs. We’re gonna do one last show this year and then get our heads down and put the finishing touches to some tunes before going into the studio to record them. We can’t afford to do an album but will be releasing at least one 7-inch over the next 6 months. Keep an eye on bandcamp and if you wanna buy some merch it would really help us with our recording budget (We ship WORLDWIDE!)”

Advent Galendar window no. 16 – deux furieuses

Here comes the LOUD WOMEN Advent Galendar window number 16, and who’s this pair?

It’s deux furieuses!


Every time we see deux furieuses play they get better and better: they are both incredible musicians. We loved them so much we put them on our compilation album! (By the way, still time to order one of those beauties in time for Christmas … just saying.)

The duo has had a great year off the back of their 2016 release Tracks of Wire, and in May this year they supported Frank Turner at the Roundhouse. Hoping to see and hear lots more from this pair in 2018 please.


Advent Galendar Window no.15 – The Ethical Debating Society

(Yes I know, sorry, I missed another one yesterday – blame the capitalist patriarchy for taking up all the time and making me work when I’d rather be doing fun stuff like this! Anyway …)

It’s most definitely time to open window number 15 of the LOUD WOMEN Advent Galendar … and what’s that unmistakable screaming I hear?

Iiiiiiit’s Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiistmas!

Tegan Christmas in fact! And her band, The Ethical Debating Society! Hurray!


TEDS are a beloved part of the LOUD WOMEN family, with guitarist Kris (not pictured above – he’s too camera*-shy) as our very own New Music Editor, and Tegan is a key advisor to Team LOUD WOMEN.

Here’s just one reason to love TEDS at this time of year: they rewrote Chuck Berry’s christmas song Run Run Rudolf and made it a lot more punk, and a lot less sexist!

We can’t wait to see TEDS play on our stage again with our first gig in the new year: 20 January 2018 at the Amersham Arms, with Best Praxis, Personal Best and Dream Nails – unmissable, and exactly what we’ll need to shake off the new year blues!

*That camera, in this case, operated by James Indiehorse x


Advent Galendar Window no.13 – Hurtling

Christmas is so close now you can almost touch its snowy nose! Time to open window number 13 of the LOUD WOMEN Advent Galendar …

and it’s Hurtling!


Indie rockers Hurtling are led by the goddess-like genius that is Jen Macro, an absolutely stunning guitarist, songwriter, and all-round awesome loud woman.

211217_A4flyer1We’re dead chuffed that Hurtling are joining us for our Christmas party next week, 21 December at The Lexington.

Find them at …

Advent Galendar Window no.12 – Gaptooth

Window number 12 of the LOUD WOMEN Advent Galendar is creaking open, and who’s that snooked up inside there?

It’s Gaptooth!


Gaptooth – aka Hannah Lucy – is awesome! She wowed us at this year’s LOUD WOMEN Fest, not only by playing a brilliant punk pop set, but also creating artwork for the Fest poster, and helping out stewarding on the day. She’s a true DIY sister and we love her to bits!

We’re proud to have hosted her recent blog Stop asking female musicians for their stories of sexism in the music industry and premiers for her videos Terminal 4 and They Cut We Bleed . Can’t wait to see what this multi-talented superstar produces in 2018! Find her on Facebook