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The Noise & the Naive: 10 Question Interview


The Noise & the Naive are a brand new “power pop duo” from Newcastle, joining us on 29 September at The Unicorn in Camden. We’re really excited about getting to know Anne and Pauline better, so we sent them 10 questions!


1.   Who would you most like to cover your songs?

Anne & Pauline: Duchess Says


2.   Choose: Cat or dog?

Anne & Pauline: cats are baddest


3.   Choose one of your songs to be played on Strictly Come Dancing. What dance would you like to be performed to it?

Anne & Pauline: Glitter Green: a muscle show // Vintage Mechanical: a waltz that would go wrong


4.   Choose: Pixies or Breeders? 

Anne & Pauline: The Breeders, because of Kelley Deal’s outfit in Safari.


5.   Recommend a book that you think our readers might not have 51Cw-EXnrAL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_heard of 

Pauline: Hyperbole and a Half, a graphic novel that manages to make depression funny.


6.   Bikini Kill or Fugazi? 

Anne: Bikini Kill, one of the best band names ever. Also realising with this question that I should listen to Fugazi more!


7.   What’s the most difficult thing about being in your band?

Pauline: settling who’s the Noise and who’s the Naive


8.   What are your band goals?

Anne: to be like Shonen Knife – keep playing music until we’re 82!


9.   What’s the most important thing we need to know about your band right now?

Anne: I am the Noise


10.  Give your top 5 contemporary bands 

– Melt Banana – they come from the future

– Deap Vally – loving how their sound fills the space

– Otobokebeaver – because of this:

– Grand Blanc – a cold and dark look back at the French eighties

– Angel Olsen – a music you can listen to with your mum


Find The Noise and the Naive on Facebook and catch them live at LOUD WOMEN on 29 September at the Unicorn



Rabies Babies: 10 Question Interview

Rabies Babies – drawing by Lorna Tiefholz

Rabies Babies are awesome – they played the first LOUD WOMEN Fest and we’ve been dying to see them again ever since. We posed 10 questions to Lorna Tiefholz, ahead of their appearance at our family-friendly matinee at the Lexington on 30 September.

1. Who would you most like to cover your songs?
I’d love to hear what Holly Golightly would do with a Rabies Babies song, or Jane Weaver or Ela Orleans. Artists who we love and who sound nothing like us. It would be so interesting to hear. We do a cover of The Primitives ‘Crash’, I think we do it ok. It sounds more like a crash than the original version. I’m not sure if anyone recognises it as The Primitives song though.

2. Choose: Cat or dog? 
Cat because we sometimes play a song about Laura’s cat called ‘Mousetrap’, but we like dogs and some of the lyrics in another of our songs ‘La La La’ is inspired by a dog barking.

3. Choose one of your songs to be played on Strictly Come Dancing. What dance would you like to be performed to it?
‘I Fought The Floor And The Floor Won’ with one of those dances where the dancers wear really sparkly costumes, pout and kick their legs around and end up doing the splits.

4. Choose: Pixies or Breeders? 
Breeders. Last Splash is one of the greatest albums ever made. (And I have tickets to see Breeders play soon!)

5. Recommend a record and a book that you think our readers might not have heard of 
A couple of years ago I went into a Berlin record shop and asked the guy working there for recommendations. He handed me a pile of records and one of them was ‘Komm Her!’ by The Inserts. I would love to see the Inserts live. They are like the Berlin version of Rabies Babies. They don’t play often. It is my dream to one day do a gig with them.

Book would be ‘Love & Rockets’ comic books by Jaime Hernandez = tales of crap punk 9781606998656_L&RNS8bands, superheroes, wrestling, underage drinking and crushes. We can all relate to that.

6. Bikini Kill or Fugazi? 
Bikini Kill, (even though I do quite like Fugazi). I love the film The Punk Singer, and when Laura’s son was a little baby we used to sing ‘Les & Ray’ (by Le Tigre) to him.

7. What’s the most difficult thing about being in your band?
Our guitarist’s son is almost 3 years old. He is fantastic but sometimes it makes practicing or gigging difficult because babysitters are expensive and/or unavailable. I would love to see studios with creche facilities. Can you imagine that? It would be brilliant. Recently we did an all day gig at a pub and the sound man got arsey about a toddler being near the stage. This is a problem that dads in bands rarely have, but mums in bands often have to deal with. We are very excited to be playing at the Little Loud Women gig so Laura’s son can come along and enjoy the gig too.

8. What are your band goals?
Our band goal has always been to have fun. We have been going 18 years, and we have had a load of fun, so we are doing ok. Our other goal is to fight sexism and sexual assault within the punk music scene, sadly this is needed more now than ever and over the last couple of years we have actually lost friends because we’ve been a bit mouthy about standing up to sexual assault. We have a couple of anti-assault songs and usually do a consent speech half way through our set (we probably won’t do this for the Lexington gig – we’re going to make that performance kid friendly).

9. What’s the most important thing we need to know about your band right now?
We do not sound how we look and we do not look how we sound.

10. Give your top 5 contemporary bands

Oroboke Beaver – drawing by Lorna Tielfholz

Otoboke Beaver
Sauna Youth (or Monotony)
Skinny Girl Diet
Moon Duo
These are bands that I love seeing play live, and have released excellent albums. All of these bands are tight and have something original about them and are made up of really mind-blowing fantastic musicians.


Find Rabies Babies on Facebook and catch them live at Little LOUD WOMEN on 30 September at the Lexington

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Argonaut: 10 question interview

12303958_1355736944486396_4849102679619219517_oArgonaut are a beloved LOUD WOMEN band – they played our very first event, and many more since then. We posed 10 questions to frontwoman Lorna, guitarist Nathan, keyboard/guitarist Abby, and bassist Joules, ahead of their appearance at our family-friendly matinee at the Lexington on 30 September.

1. Who would you most like to cover your songs?

Lorna: OMG That’s a brilliant question. So many bands I love … NIN, Cyndi Lauper, Yeah Yeah Yeahs … I think it might have to be Tori Amos cuz when I was 17 ‘Crucify My Love’ was one of my favourite songs and she has so much passion that I would love an acoustic version of one of Argonaut’s songs with her singing.

Abby: Someone quite disco-ey. Like Divine?

Nathan: Nirvana

Joules: Brotherhood of Man. That’s my standard answer to that sort of question.

2. Choose: Cat or dog?

Lorna: Has to be dog cuz I had two lovely dog friends when I was a child. Worthington and Candy were my childhood pets. Love dogs.

Abby: Cats – because they’re awkward buggers. Oh I love them.


3. Choose one of your songs to be played on Strictly Come Dancing. What dance would you like to be performed to it? TV?

Lorna: ‘Vintage Dress’ definitely. I would love them to wear fantastic vintage clothes and Doc Martin boots and dance in a Goth, grunge 80s/90s dance fashion.

4. Choose: Pixies or Breeders?  

Lorna: “My old college folder from when I was about 17/18 years old. Loved Suede and Kurt, Levellers and L7. X and lips like Loud women. xx”

Lorna: Pixies are the best!
Pixies is a massive influence and for me leaving school in the early 90s and going to clubs in Birmingham and dancing to the Pixies was so amazing. ‘Where is my Mind’ is a favourite for me. Love the Breeders too. ‘Cannonball’ was and still is a great dance song.

Abby: Both incredible, but it’s got to be the Pixies. It’s the combination of Frank and Kim’s voices and the manic energy of the music.

Joules: Both. Except if you’re talking about now, then, Breeders. Pixies aren’t Pixies without Kim.

5. Recommend a record and a book that you think our readers might not have heard of.  

Abby: Record: Les Georges Leningrad‘s ‘Sangue Puro’ – it’s life affirmingly mental noise. Sort of defies description really. Book: ‘Astragal’ by Albertine Sarrazan – frank ’60s tale of young French woman who escapes from prison and her subsequent thrills and spills.

Nathan: New Beaches or Mermaidens albums? So many amazing female bands coming from Australia and New Zealand at the moment, the Antipodes always seem like a wonderful parallel universe, so many great bands that feel just that little bit misaligned and left of centre. I really enjoyed recently reading the Siouxsie and the Banshees biography, great ground zero inspiration and a good excuse to listen to the records.

Joules: Album: Solex vs The Hitmeister. Crafted almost entirely of samples from the bargain bin of the artist’s (Elisabeth Esselink) Amsterdam record shop, not that you’d ever know. Ethereal and a bit angsty. Book: The Manual (How to have a Number 1 the easy way) by The KLF. A bit obvious perhaps but I love it. Hopelessly dated but the attitude is still DIY 101.

6. Bikini Kill or Fugazi?

Lorna: Bikini Kill. Love the power in Kathleen Hanna‘s voice and great fun tunes. Kathleen Hanna is such a big ball of energy and a massive influence on the whole Riot Grrrl movement in the 90’s and today with her new band. Saw Julie Ruin twice and they were amazing.

Abby: Bikini Kill, though I like Le Tigre way better. It’s bloody Kathleen innit? Nuff said.

Nathan: Bikini Kill. I loved them since I saw them with Huggy Bear. I only heard Fugazi once I read about them in connection with Riot Grrrl. I have a Fugazi record, must listen to it more!

7. What’s the most difficult thing about being in your band?

Lorna: Sometimes because I’m the front woman I feel like I should be up there speaking out about things to the audience, but I’m quite a shy person when it comes to public speaking, so I tend to shout out about our lyrics instead.

Abby: Nathan’s jokes.

Nathan: Writing your best songs for a mostly imaginary audience.

Joules: Balancing rockstar ambitions with family life.

8. What are your band goals?

Lorna: To find a fantastic drummer. To release songs together more and have fun!

Abby: A nice outing sometime soon.

Nathan: To write songs for an unimaginary audience? Would be lovely for more people to hear our new album and to come to our shows.

Joules: To have fun. Mission already accomplished. Fuck everything else.

9. What’s the most important thing we need to know about your band right now?


Joules: New album Argonaut Forever imminently available to pre order at

10. Give your top 5 contemporary bands

Lorna: 1) The Baby Seals Seen them a few times live and bought their CD at LOUD WOMEN Fest. Very good tunes.
2) Pete Fij & Terry Bickers . Saw them live a few weeks ago at Aces and Eights . It was an acoustic set and absolutely beautiful. Both used to be in 90’s bands Adorable and House of Love/Levitation.
3) Suede – Night Thoughts. A really beautiful album . Been into Suede from when they first came along in early 90’s got all there first 12″ singles and albums. Saw them live in 90’s too at the Hummingbird. Great live! Brett Anderson’s voice is so amazing.
4) Car Seat Headrest – Teens of Denial. A fantastic album, it really grows on you the more you listen to it. Nathan and I both love them.
5) Chastity Belt. Heard them on 6Music and I really liked them. Think they are playing live in September.

Abby: 1) MIA – innovative, witty ‘up yours-ey’ pop tunes. 2) Sink Ya Teeth – amazing band recently discovered at LOUD WOMEN Fest. Charley Stone says they’re a bit like Silver Apples, and I agree. 3) Velodrome – this is actually one woman, Katherine Christie Evans, who just has this utterly beautiful soprano voice accompanied by gorgeous and very original music. 4) The Menstrual Cramps – the singer is really arsey in a brilliant and inspiring (and funny) way, and the guitarist and bassist are just so very cool. Their songs are ace too.5)  U S Girls – like MIA, this band (actually also just one woman (Megan Remy) have been around for a while, and deserve way greater recognition than they get. Megan writes great and very original pop songs about overtime and periods. She also has this unique feline voice.

Nathan: 1) Kane Strang – when I saw him Lorna told him he looked like me when I was young and he replied ‘maybe he’s my dad!’ 2) Noveller – I am really into guitar pedals and Jazzmasters at the moment and she is the queen of both! 3) Scott and Charlene’s Wedding – greatest songs, greatest name, great people and two of the best shows I saw last year. 4) Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile – a heavenly match, loving the single and really looking forward to the album and live shows. 5) Car Seat Headrest – so young and clever. Let’s see how that works out for him…

Joules: The Lovely Eggs. Fantastic, loud and absolutely bonkers tunes with from husband and wife duo who are accompanied on the road by Holly’s mum to look after their young son. Holly’s guitar work is astounding (especially live) and David’s drumming is an engineer’s dream.

Find Argonaut on Facebook and catch them live at Little LOUD WOMEN on 30 September at the Lexington

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