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Mammoth Penguins: There’s No Fight We Can’t Both Win – LP review

Review by Stephen Boyle

The latest album from Cambridgeshire Indiepop band Mammoth Penguins is very reminiscent of 1990s UK indie music at its best. The album has 11 tracks and each one offers something new. Emma’s vocals drive through every song, giving each one a sense of purpose and a clear feeling of passion in every word.

Highlights for me in this album are the tracks ‘I Wanna’ and ‘Put It All On You’

If you are looking for some seriously powerful IndiePop then this album is a must buy. The album is released through Fika Recordings and is available now.

Find Mammoth Penguins at the following locations.

Hell Hath No Fury Vol 3

Review by Stephen Boyle

Released in April of this year this is a collection of 20 raucous punk songs by a variety of different independent punk bands.

The album has been released by Hell Hath No Fury Records who describe themselves as a DIY punk label that aims to give DIY punk bands a platform to release their music.

This collection certainly does that as it contains 20 different bands showcasing their music. If you want to discover new female fronted and all female punk bands then this is an ideal album for you to buy and at £6 its an absolute steal.

The bands on the album are a mix of varying punk styles who have clearly drawn their influences from older bands like L7 and The Donnas with driving aggressive riffs being the order of the day.

I for one have gone back and listened to Volumes 1 and 2 and I advise people do that also. You will discover some fantastic new bands throughout all 3 of these releases so far.

So, head on over to the site and have a listen, buy the album and support these DIY bands and label. You won’t regret it.