Today’s video of the day comes from Dakota Jones: ‘Blacklight’ is the NYC band’s powerfully sultry, funktastic new single, accompanied by a cool AF disco video. Living for that voice and those tassels.

This is the title track of their debut album, which promises to be a must-own.

Black Light is seeing someone across a steamy room on a hot Friday night. All you need to see are their lips in the crowd to know you found your person for the evening. ‘Why don’t you and I get into some trouble tonight?

“The video is meant to encapsulate the spirit of the song, something just as fun and sexy as the track itself. You also get to see a side of me that’s yet to be seen in a video yet, this one is quite different from both the “I Did It To Myself” and “Lord Please” videos.”

Black Light really dives into a place of funk soul and everything that comes with it. There’s joy and dancing, sleek guitar licks and funky bass slaps. There’s pain and longing, and there’s the feeling of relief when you come out of that place and find your joy and purpose again. Black Light is my story.” 

Tristan Carter-Jones (vocals)

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