Review by Reva May

Laura Dre is an up and coming electronic pop artist making her mark right away thanks to her throwback music style. Her debut album, Moving Spaces, gives an 1980s soundtrack vibe. The album follows the theme of unrequited love. Dre’s narrative flows and the listener can relate the lyrics to their own personal experiences. Moving Spaces is cinematic and intoxicating. Dre’s sound is mixed with Shirley Manson and music from an 80s movie dream sequence. 

Laura Dre is influenced by electronic-pop, synthwave, and Japanese city pop. And during her high school days, she did covers of Nirvana and Hole. All of this is incorporated into her sound. Dre is the missing element from the electronic-pop genre and we can’t wait to hear more from this artist. 

The title track and lead single translated into a beautiful music video. ‘Moving Spaces’ is catchy and the visuals are futuristic 80s aesthetic. 

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