Our track of the day comes from Norwich electropop Queen Gemma Cullingford: ‘I Like You’ is out today. Gemma tells this is:

“a song about unrequited love, with a slightly sinister edge. I didn’t realise it at the time, but both the lyrics ‘I’ll make you love me’ and the jagged, discordant guitar give it a slightly stalker-esque feel, so you shouldn’t feel sad for the narrator on this love song!”

We are locking up our bunnies as we speak.

The track comes with a fab Gemma-made video.

“As I was in lockdown I had to get creative with my surroundings. I took some pics of black and white onjects around my house – two vases and an oil painting – and used an app on my phone to animate them with stop motion. Similar to my songwriting process I didn’t start with a plan, I just start working on something and see where it takes me”.

This is the second single Gemma has released as a solo project (she is one half of awesome duo Sink Ya Teeth) and gives a delightful taste of her forthcoming album Le Me Speak, out at the end of this month. More on that soon …

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