Out now from Rotana: ‘Necessary Death’ is the third single from forthcoming album Alien of Extraordinary Ability (the name referring to the Saudi Arabia-born artist’s immigration status in the US).

This is everything. God, sex, love, and immigration – a beautiful voice over rhythmic beats which straddle sonic and cultural borders. The song tells us that, just as in nature, in order to growth, we need to let go of certain relationships, certain ideas, certain beliefs.

“a forest fire cleanses the forest floor, opens it up to sunlight, and nourishes the soil deeply, prepping it for new, richer life. This is life’s course.” It’s something we can’t, and shouldn’t, avoid – she sings “setting sun you can’t run from it / Shooting gun you can’t outrun it / Turn around now you’re facing it / A necessary death / Lying down for it / I am steady”. 

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