Prepare your ears for this week’s worm. Sierra Swan just dropped ‘I Want All My Shit Back’ and it has major Luscious Jackson and (Sign ‘O’ the Times period) Prince vibes.

I can’t. Stop. Singing it. (And doing the dance, to be honest.)

Sierra Swan is known for work with Smashing Pumpkins Frontman Billy Corgan, Cold, Dollshead and as a solo artist. Lockdown forced a change in method, with experimental beats and sounds on her new EP Tangerines. She tells us:

“Like most people, Covid hit and isolation was in place. My basement studio is really the only place in my home where I can escape, as I have two kids and a husband. So, it became even more of a sanctuary for me during that time. I knew from the start that this EP was not going to be very organic. I already made that decision based on my equipment and having to work mainly in my headphones. I was also just not in a singer/songwriter kind of mood. I wanted to have fun, considering the world around me seemed to be the complete opposite at the time. This song and the album are a result of that.”