First of all – sit down. Yeah yeah, we know it sounds like LA punx Broken Baby are taking a swipe at the crowned Queen of Pop, but chill yer boots. These are good people, this is a great song, and they are 100% on Madonna’s dick.

‘Madonna’s a Dick’ was inspired by the 80s documentary “Heavy Metal Parking Lot,” where the zebra-print jumpsuit guy gives his opinion on Madonna. “She’s a dick,” he says.

That stuck with me, how at every level in popular culture, women are met with systemic sexism and summarily dismissed. It made me think, if she were a guy, ‘They’d probably give her a raise, she’d be the president of the United States,’ which became the chorus.

Amber of Broken Baby

As a former actor, Bollinger is acutely aware of the way she internalised the shame of being commodified, as many women do. Broken Baby has become a kind of antidote to that shame.

Ultimately, I just want you to see that I’m in front of you. If you like it that’s great, if you hate it, that’s also great. I want to be seen.

Amber of Broken Baby

The single is out today on Poor Man Records, and is also being sold as a split 7” with the awesome Egg Drop Soup, set for release on June 25th, 2021.