LOUD WOMEN is delighted to bring you today the video premiere of ‘Redefine’ by Minerva Wakes. Brace yourself for an eerie trip to the woods with a risen goddess.

Taken from the recently launched debut album ‘Mirrored Moon’, a truly beautiful collection of darkly feminine dance music.

Minerva, in Roman religion, the goddess of handicrafts, the professions, the arts, and, later, war; she was commonly identified with the Greek Athena


The album is the work of Jo and Nicky D’Arc (who you might know from punk sister duo The Twistettes) and forms part of a multi-artform project that also includes a short-story and visual art aspect, developing the tale of the Goddess. The short story will be published by Wordville alongside a selection of Jo’s poetry. 

The album and book are available here.

Jo D’Arc recently joined the Dorising podcast and spoke about this amazing multiple media project.

The Dorising Podcast – episode 9 with Charley Stone, Helen McCookerybook and Jo D'Arc The Dorising Podcast

Doris, Doris and Doris of the band I, Doris host the 9th episode of the Dorising podcast. With guests: Charley Stone (Salad, Desperate Journalist, all the bands) Helen McCookerybook (The Chefs, Helen and the Horns) Jo D'Arc (The Twistettes, Minerva Wakes) Dorising about songwriting, home recording and music production, and Doris' new job running an NHS vaccination centre. With music from I, Doris, Charley Stone, The Chefs, The Twistettes, Helen McCookerybook (live performance), and Nervous Twitch.