At LOUD WOMEN we are super excited to premiere this video by Natalie and the Monarchy. With drama in droves, pop to keep you peppy and edge to keep you gripped there are tones of Marina (and the Diamands) meets Courtney Love meets Diamanda Galas. ‘Envy the Villain’ will be released on 2 April but you lucky people get a sneaky preview here. The Liverpool-based but American born artist says of herself that she falls somewhere between grunge and theatrics. Influenced by Riot grrrl and Dark Cabaret, the singer’s haunting lyricism and immersive performances are sure to leave a lasting impression. Natalie and the Monarchy is a playful rage worth seeking out.

The song title ‘Envy the Villain’ is referring to the self-destructive behavior I experienced when taking on the role of ‘Mistress Veronica’ as professional dominatrix. The song is about wanting to be that confident and intimidating character 24/7 and the identity struggle that a lot of sex-worker’s have between the fantasy and the real world.  It’s a song supporting sex workers.

Natalie and the Monarchy – Instagram

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