The soundtrack to our Friday comes from Hey, King! – aka Natalie London (songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist) and partner Taylor Plecity (vocalist, percussionist). ‘Road Rage’ is the kind of collaborative, empowering, rage-fuelled banger that we quite frankly can’t get enough of.

The video gathers together a lip-syncing coven of 21 awesome women – including TikTok star Lauren Burch, The Original Bad Girl of Comedy LuenellBrooke Marham (In The Dark), Cheryl Texiera (Girl Meets World), Rachel True (The Craft), and the iconic Debra Wilson (Mad TV).

“We wanted this to be every woman’s song because we all have stories of harassment and stories of our resilience.”

Natalie London

We had originally planned to include ourselves playing/singing the track, but after seeing the incredible performances from our collaborators, we decided to let them tell the story.’Road Rage’ is an anthem for female empowerment and having this group of amazing women respond to it visually is extremely humbling.”

Taylor Plecity

Hey, King!’s self-titled debut album will be coming out on April 2.

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