Photo by Keira Anee ❤️

Today’s video of the day comes from our longtime faves Gold Baby. ‘Captain Dorego’ is a smooth indiepop bop, with a video featuring the most socialist and socially distanced of all dances, the line dance. Let’s all learn this dance and do it at a gig soon as we can.

“Captain Dorego is a song about indecision and feeling overwhelmed, in a modern world that gives us more choice than ever before. With so many realities that we could or should be living, and more information than ever before being piled into our brains, Captain Dorego is about feeling overstimulated and inadequate, about wanting to smash and crush and grind your smartphone and run away into the woods.”

The single is taken from Goldbaby’s hot new EP, out next month. More on that soon …