Words by Heather Hellskiss of LOUD WOMEN LA

Today’s video of the day is ‘99 Luftballoons’ from alt-synth rockers Carissa Johnson and Steph Curran of Boston based band, the Cure-Alls. Written by new wavers, NENA, the duo pays tribute to the 80s hit by staying true to the original german lyrical version and embodying the spirit of this anti-war protest song. The video appears to take place in an ominous looking chamber that feels like a simultaneous echoing of despair, angst and hope while the two thrash about letting loose to the contagious melodies of the gritty synthesizers and icy-cool guitar riffs.

The single is their second cover song installment follow-up to ‘Now Or Never Now’ by Metric that we featured in August and includes my interview with Johnson and Curran (read here).

Recorded by Mad Oak Studios in Allston, MA
Produced by Benny Grotto
Video by Fuel Heart Productions

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