The Damed: Ritual Revolution – video of the day

Video of the day today is a punk rock hex from LA’s The Damed. Once you recover from the news that The Damed are not in fact a female The Damned tribute band (see also The Menstrual Cramps not-being-a-feminist-The-Cramps-tribute chagrin of yesteryear ), you’ll be delighted to learn that Ritual Revolution is, as the band explain:

“a song about real covens of witches around the world that participate in a mass occult by casting binding spells over each waning moon to try and remove the president from office so he will stop doing harm to others. In the video, the sorcerer symbolizes the president and we the witches are fighting back in self-defense to stand up for human rights at all costs to take our power back from the Trump administration.”

Out now on A Diamond Heart Production records. Video directed by Melissa Yu and produced by Ting Ting Took These.

Find The Damed on facebook instagram twitter bandcamp youtube

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