Our video of the day is Jelly Cleaver’s new single, VI II V – a piece of art in equal parts strange and beautiful. Honey-sweet vocals over a panorama of jazz guitar, orchestral sweeps and oh my word that organ – I honestly don’t what this all is, but I know that I love it.

Jelly explains:

The lyrics for ‘VI II V’ were written several years ago as a stream-of-conscious poem, and it touches upon themes of Buddhism and Existentialist philosophy. Working with director Jasmin Selen Heinz, Jelly tried to bring these themes out in the music video. The imagery was heavily influenced by artists like Gustav Klimt, Odilon Redon and Salvador Dali, as reflected in the surrealist symbols, the masked birds and the use of mirrors. The sad clowns in the playground represent the message of the song, which is ambiguously hopeful. The video also features many musicians on both the jazz and DIY scenes in London, including members of Nihilism, Mermaid Chunky, IRN Brunette and Leatherhead.

Jelly Cleaver is a hugely talented singer-songwriter from London. We first met her by chance at a politic benefit in Tottenham, and since then she’s become one our favourite artists to work with – as well as now a lynchpin member of Team LOUD WOMEN. She wowed us on the Dome stage at last year’s LOUD WOMEN Fest, and we are hugely excited that she’ll be playing at the first of our new acoustic nights, LOUD WOMEN Unplugged, on 19 June.

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