Kesha: ‘Rainbow’

Kesha_-_Rainbow_(Official_Album_Cover)Review by Gemma Gompertz and Phil Whaite (aka ‘The Glitter Twins’) from GUTTFULL
Kesha: Rainbow
Out now – Spotify

Kesha’s Rainbow was our album of 2017. It’s a breathtaking record, with full-spectrum feelings – anger, defiance, heartbreak, hope, love – and beautiful, unexpected bangers.

That it even got made at all is a tribute to her fighting spirit and her determination. In 2014, Kesha spoke out about the sexual, physical and emotional abuse that she’d suffered at the hands of her former producer, sparking a legal battle that led to him preventing her releasing any new music until this year. The first single from Rainbow, ‘Praying’, is a message to him, a soaring piano anthem that eviscerates him and celebrates the fact that she survived.

Kesha’s here to tell us what most of us already know: that power has an effect on the vulnerable, but she also reminds us of the great, glittering power of vulnerability. Of softness. Of wearing your colours with pride. This shines most brightly in the album’s title track, about finding beauty in a fucked-up world, sharing it with the people you love, and drawing on each other to get through.

There’s so much to enjoy in this album –  Kesha duets with Dolly Parton on country classic ‘Old Flames’ (written by her mum, Pebe, in the 1970s), and it’s unapologetically joyous. There’s a lot to think about, too. Is ‘Godzilla’ a romantic ballad, or a heartbreaking tale of how gaslighting motherfuckers flatten your every experience in the world?

This is an album about the strength you can find within yourself and others. It’s about feeling like you don’t belong anywhere, and then finding somewhere you belong. It’s about letting go of the past without forgetting or forgiving the people who fucked you over. It’s about living your best life without worrying what others think.

And if you’ve never danced and yelled along to ‘Woman’, the second single from the album, we insist that you do. Right now. You’ll definitely feel better for it.



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