Advent Galendar window no. 10 – GUTTFULL

(Yes OK we missed number 9 – a girl’s gotta have a day off sometimes, you know? Anyway …)

Who are those cheeky punks making a fuss behind window number 10 of the LOUD WOMEN Advent Galendar?

It’s only GUTTFULL!


GUTTFULL are very closely linked to LOUD WOMEN (ahem) so they get to play lots of our shows … however, this year has been an awesome year for these queercore sax punx far beyond the LOUD WOMEN stable – with an EP out, #NotAllMen, to rave reviews, and gigs and fests all over the land. Next year they have grander plans – an album and a summer UK/European tour. So. Much. Fun! Follow us, I mean, them on Facebook and Bandcamp, and catch them live at the LOUD WOMEN Christmas Party on 21 December at the Lexington.



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